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A Miami Lawyer To Help You Along The Path To Recovery After An Injury

Being injured in a collision or a slip-and-fall accident can bring life to a sudden stop. For now, your day-to-day life consists of getting medical care and taking care of life’s necessities in a weak condition. The medical care system, insurance and legal issues can all seem confusing. As you get surgery and/or therapy, follow doctor’s orders and adjust to medications, you will soon realize you need a knowledgeable advocate on your side.

To protect your right to pursue maximum compensation, get an attorney to investigate the causes of the accident. At Phoenix Law Group, you will find a personable lawyer with empathy and extensive legal knowledge. I am attorney Alejandro Gonzalez, and I am here to protect your needs and rights while you work at getting well.

As the founder and lead attorney at Phoenix Law Group, I practice personal injury law so I can make a difference for people facing legal challenges. If you agree to let me take your case, I will gather evidence about the circumstances of your crash, fall or any type of accident while you focus on your well-being. Together, let’s move your case forward and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Types Of Accidents

The Miami metro area, with its fast-paced environment, is the scene of many accidents virtually every day, including:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Slip-and-fall injuries, including falls from heights, injuries at casinos and trip-and-fall injuries in hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings and shopping centers
  • Assaults in parking lots and dark corridors in large buildings with poor lighting and inadequate security
  • Dog bites and attacks, leading to scarring, disfigurement, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and, sometimes, death
  • Food poisoning, medication mistakes by pharmacists and health care providers, toxic exposure injuries, sports injuries and other harmful incidents
  • On-the-job accidents caused by defective tools and other factors

After you have suffered an injury, you may lose income because you cannot work. You and your closest family members may suddenly have many expenses that you never anticipated. At the same time, you need prompt, top-notch medical treatments. As your personal injury attorney, I will fight for your right to medical care, lost wage replacement and financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

I Am Here For You

If I represent you after an accidental injury, I will build a strong claim or lawsuit on your behalf. I will stay in close touch with you while preparing persuasive arguments to support you and your compensation claim.

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