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You may be an investor, producer, performer, publisher or promoter of entertainment in or near Miami. Whatever your role is in the world of entertainment, you have come to the right place for legal advice and assistance, I am entertainment law attorney Alejandro Gonzalez, and it would be my pleasure to explain what I can do for you.

Are you looking for help with contracts, licensing or liability protection? My law firm, Phoenix Law Group, is a source of information and guidance for individuals and companies throughout southeastern Florida and statewide. From my law office in downtown Miami, I can help you protect your artistic creations, trade secrets and earning potential. I hope to hear from you soon.

Why Do You Need An Entertainment Lawyer?

Entertainment is an exciting industry to be in. Whether you operate a nightclub featuring the latest performers or act as a recruiter and promoter of concerts and similar events, you help drive trends and culture. You can do your best work by focusing on your areas of expertise and leaving legal details in the hands of an attorney like me. My clients say I am personable, a good listener and a clear communicator. I use ordinary language that anyone can understand when explaining legal concepts.

My entertainment law services include:

  • Creating, reviewing and arranging the signing of contracts
  • Advising clients on liability insurance and other issues that may arise in case of injuries at an event or venue
  • Ensuring that artists, musicians and other creative content producers receive their rightful royalties and other forms of remuneration
  • Reviewing sponsorship and endorsement agreements
  • Protecting clients as they acquire or license rights
  • Ensuring artists’ rights through cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) transactions
  • Protect college and professional athletes’ rights to their names, images and likenesses

If your concern is not on the list above, do not let that stop you from contacting me. My experience in the entertainment world in Miami and beyond is extensive. I will help you understand the terms of any contract before signing.

Welcoming Inquiries From Clients Of All Ages And Arenas Of Entertainment

Many of my entertainment law clients are under the age of 40. I also encourage Generation Z members, millennials and baby boomers to contact me about entertainment law issues. My clients include Hispanics and non-Hispanics and range from established celebrities to emerging social media influencers and ordinary people just getting started in the entertainment world.

Schedule a consultation about any area of entertainment law in Florida by calling 786-744-4736 or sending an email inquiry.