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Legal Counsel For Musicians, Composers, Visual Artists And Recording Businesses

Possessing artistic talent is one thing. Having the business savvy with which to make a good living as an artist is another. Through my law firm, Phoenix Law Group, I provide artists and others in the art world with the legal services they require. I help artists and owners of outstanding artworks protect their intellectual property (IP), negotiate contracts with galleries and museums, and explore the legal parameters of various ways of promoting original or limited edition artworks online.

I also counsel people with many other visual art-related positions, such as publishers that work with artists, art museum directors and curators, art auctioneers and art supply retailers.

Livelihoods, Law And Visual Arts

Everyone has heard of “starving artists.” Some geniuses, such as Van Gogh, though brilliant, have not lived long enough to see their artistic creations’ eventual spectacular success. Many others with much less talent have achieved financial success. If you are an ambitious painter, sculptor or ceramic artist, you may hope to perfect your craft and earn your livelihood while doing so.

As a skilled, attentive entertainment law attorney, I am ready to support you in the legal aspects of whatever area of the arts you work with. To get your art business off the ground in the Miami area or elsewhere in Florida, work with me, entertainment law attorney Alejandro Gonzalez. I will help you identify and address relevant legal areas of concern, such as contracts and intellectual property (IP) protection.

An Advocate For Anyone In The Art And Entertainment World

Clients have included recording labels, music business executives and concert promoters. My legal services for artists and art business owners include:

  • Contract creation, review and negotiating
  • Protecting usage rights
  • Licensing, collection of royalties and other legal aspects of art-related career development

Besides representing visual artists and art sellers, I offer full-service legal counsel for people engaged in audio creative works and related businesses, including performing musicians, composers, recording studio owners, ensembles and concert managers and producers. My services for them involve:

  • Contracts and liability management for live concert producers
  • 360 deals between recording artists and recording labels
  • Recruitment and signing of singer-songwriters and other musical artists
  • Business law solutions that pertain to the world of music
  • Revenue protection strategies for do-it-yourself (DIY) recording musicians and social media influencers

My music law clients, both those on the creative side and those on the production and promotion side of things, work with hip-hop, salsa, rock and roll, reggae, jazz and classical music, to name a few varieties. Some are concerned about IP protection. Others seek legal guidance with ticket sales and event promotion. I am ready to advise and assist all.

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