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Representing Digital Influencers To Protect Livelihoods And Reputations

In the worlds of entertainment and thought leadership, past generations may have been concerned about Hollywood, TV networks and local stations, recording studios, outdoor concerts and publications, to name a few avenues of communication and profitability. All these ways of spreading influence still exist, but today’s generation increasingly engages first and foremost through digital means. Today, social media influencing involves numerous digital platforms for creative people, promoters and marketers. Along with opportunities come risks. Astute influencers today seek legal counsel early and often. Phoenix Law Group is a vital source of information and guidance for influencers based in and marketing to the Miami metro area.

I am attorney Alejandro Gonzalez, the founder and lead attorney of Phoenix Law Group. I would enjoy chatting with you about your budding endeavors or seasoned career as an influencer in need of legal advice. My clients are primarily young, Hispanic and in the Miami region, but I welcome inquiries from others statewide, nationwide and worldwide. Allow me to explain what I can do for you and why it would be to your advantage to have a knowledgeable lawyer supporting your efforts.

Legal Services For Social Media Influencers

My influencer clients are active in a wide range of digital platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter. Whatever social media avenues you have used so far, I can help you stay true to yourself with legal protection and direction. I can assist you with the following:

  • Branding your content
  • Protecting your privacy and intellectual property
  • Tracking and managing revenue, regardless of the type(s) of currency involved
  • Navigating sponsorship deals
  • Complying with all relevant local, state, federal and international laws
  • Making key decisions from among monetizing options and other key decisions, such as which tier or channel you will operate on
  • Incorporating merchandise sales and other products along with the content that you offer freely or at a small price to the public

Remember: You are an influencer because you have something special to impart to the world. Whether your area of expertise is music, visual art, gaming, political commentary, financial advice, comedy, cooking or travel, your special something can travel farther, earn you a greater income and display your talents even more brilliantly when the legal and technical details are under control and in trustworthy hands. I can handle transactions on social media platforms for you or get you started and train you to handle legal and financial issues yourself.

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The name of my law firm calls to mind regeneration, immortality and longevity. Even if you have been struggling to come to grips with the many options, opportunities and pitfalls of digital platforms, I can help you overcome and soar above any difficulties you have been experiencing.

To schedule a consultation about your legal concerns as an influencer, call 786-744-4736 or email me at your earliest convenience. I hope to hear from you soon.