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3 rights social media influencers should preserve in contracts

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Entertainment Law

In the dynamic world of influencer marketing, digital footprints shape brand reputations. Influencers should understand the details of those contracts before producing and releasing content.

There are some rights influencers should preserve.

1. Intellectual property rights

Influencers pour creativity into their work. They generate captivating Instagram posts, insightful blogs and compelling YouTube videos. Protecting intellectual property rights is important. Influencers must define who owns the content and detail how brands can use it. Securing these rights ensures that influencers keep control of their products and creations.

2. Collaboration and control

A misaligned partnership can damage an influencer’s credibility and alienate their audience. Influencers should preserve their autonomy in brand partnerships. That means retaining the right to refuse certain collaborations. This protects influencers from content that may not align with their values or personal brand. Careful curation helps safeguard an influencer’s authentic connection with their audience.

3. Data protection

In the age of data-driven marketing, influencers have valuable audience insights. Contracts should include provisions for data handling. These provisions detail the management of audience data collected during a campaign. Influencers must be proactive in safeguarding their viewer information. Protecting this data ensures that influencers maintain control over their audience relationships.

The influencer marketing industry hit $16.4 billion as of 2022 according to Forbes. That value continues to grow every year. For influencers, leveraging that growth starts with protecting their rights. Use these tips to protect your generated content. When you value the authenticity and integrity of your audience connection, it shows in the content you produce.