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What are the signs of drowsy driving on the road?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Serious Injuries

Being aware of the impact of drowsy driving is important in order to stay safe. Even a few subtle details can help alert you as you pass by other people.

Identifying common signs can help you take measures to protect yourself from erratic people while on the road.

Continual lane changes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has calculated that about 1 in 25 adult drivers might have dozed off while driving in the past month. An important indicator of driving while tired is when a driver’s lane changes become unpredictable. If you observe a vehicle moving between lanes without a clear pattern, it is possible that the driver is finding it hard to concentrate.

Inconsistent driving patterns

Drowsy drivers often have peculiar driving patterns. They might follow too closely, brake suddenly or accelerate without a reason. These strange movements show the driver is not paying attention and could hit your car.

Rubbed eyes and yawns

Yawning and frequent eye rubbing are serious signs of drowsiness. If you observe a driver frequently yawning, rubbing their eyes or blinking excessively, they could be struggling to stay awake.

Strange drifting

Drowsy drivers frequently encounter challenges in maintaining their position on the road. When you observe a vehicle wavering rather than maintaining a consistent course or even veering off the road, it serves as an indication that the driver is contending with the effects of sleepiness.

Atypical head movements

Extreme nodding of the head or noticeable head drooping is a clear sign of drowsiness. If you see a driver’s head repeatedly dropping forward, they could be falling asleep at the wheel.

A drowsy driver could run you off the road or leave you feeling stunned after sideswiping your vehicle. Gathering more knowledge about drowsy driving is important if you find yourself in areas with many drivers.