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Items to include in your social media influencer contract rider

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Entertainment Law

Navigating the world of social media influencing requires keen attention to details, especially when crafting a contract. Your rider, or the special section of your contract that lists additional requests or requirements, plays a critical role. It ensures that both you and the brand align on expectations and benefits.

Here are some must-have items for your contract rider.

Define the scope of work clearly

While your primary contract might already spell out the broad strokes of what you will do, your rider can further clarify. Specify the number of posts, stories, reels or any other content format you will produce. Do you need to make appearances, go on trips or attend events? Spell out these obligations to avoid any confusion down the road.

Outline content ownership and rights

Who owns the content after publication? Can the brand repurpose your content for other campaigns or on different platforms? You should clarify the extent to which a brand can use your content and for how long. If you want to maintain some rights over your creative output, make sure that your rider reflects that.

Specify the compensation details

Beyond just the amount, clarify the method and timing of payment. If there are bonuses based on performance metrics, like engagement rates or conversions, spell out the specifics. Compensation may depend on whether you are a nano, micro, macro or mega influencer.

Highlight the termination clause

Even if your main contract covers termination grounds, your rider should emphasize what happens if things do not work out. Whether for a breach of contract or other reasons, clear termination details safeguard your interests.

Address exclusivity and competition

Brands may want you to avoid promoting competitors for a certain period. Detail any exclusivity clauses, specifying how long they last and which brands or products they cover. You should also discuss the potential for conflicts and how they will get resolved.

Include a clause on creative freedom

Specify the level of creative control you have over content. While brands might provide guidelines or themes, make sure you retain a say in the final output. This ensures that your posts stay authentic and resonate with your audience.

As you venture into collaborations, prioritize these items in your rider to ensure smooth sailing in your influencer journey.