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Can TBI cause emotional effects?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Serious Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause serious physical effects like seizures, headaches, and other issues. However, TBI can also result in significant behavioral and emotional effects, which impact the victim of the injury as well as their loved ones.

Understanding these effects is crucial to successfully navigate the aftermath of a major TBI. Here are a few possible outcomes to watch for.

Emotional effects of TBI

A serious head injury can elicit a range of complicated emotions. Many injury victims experience bouts of anxiety and depression, either due to the outcome of the TBI or because of damage to a specific area of the brain. Many people also experience fluctuating moods, as well as increasing irritability and anger.

Behavioral effects of TBI

Behavior and personality changes can also result from TBI. In this case, a person may become more impulsive after their injury. They may take needless risks when they would not have before. In social environments, people with TBI may have a hard time relating to others or exhibit a lack of awareness that can seem off-putting.

Proper treatment can alleviate these effects

Serious instances of TBI typically require rehabilitation and therapy. While doctors and other medical professionals can assist with physical issues, behavioral and emotional effects also require treatment. In this case, a patient may benefit from the assistance of a neuropsychologist.

This medical specialist can support mental health by introducing new coping mechanisms to allow the injured victim to navigate their life sufficiently. A neuropsychologist can also address the emotional impact of TBI, such as depression and anxiety disorders.