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3 ways to prevent label deals from taking advantage of singers

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Entertainment Law

As a singer, signing with a record label can be a monumental step in your career. It can provide you with the resources, support and platform to share your music with a broader audience. However, you must make sure that the contract is not taking advantage of you.

Unfortunately, not all record deals are fair and beneficial to the artist. Some contracts might contain hidden clauses that could potentially harm your career. Here is how to protect yourself and ensure that the deal you are signing is in your best interest.

1. Understand the terms of the contract

Before signing any contract, you need to thoroughly understand its terms. This includes your responsibilities, the label’s obligations, the length of the contract, how they calculate and distribute royalties and what happens if either party wants to end the agreement. If there is anything you do not understand, ask for clarification.

2. Know your worth

As an artist, it is essential to know your worth and not settle for less. This includes not only the financial aspect of the deal but also artistic control and ownership of your music. Verify that the contract does not restrict your creative freedom or surrender the rights to your music entirely to the label.

3. Research the label

Before signing with a label, do thorough research on their reputation and track record. Look at the artists they have worked with and how their careers have progressed. Be wary of labels with a history of disputes with artists or those who have artists leaving after a short time.

Signing with a new record label is an exciting step in your singing career, but it should benefit your career, not hinder it. As an artist, your talent is your most significant asset and you deserve a record deal that respects and nurtures it.